Parent Story – Danuta

When I was a child, my father used to say that life means duties, duties and once again duties – with almost no time for pleasure nor being yourself… I grew old with a strong decision not to make my life a chain of duties: I travelled, found a job I loved and a man that shared my passion. Then I became a mother – and everyone said that now my life would change and I wouldn’t have time for pleasure. My life changed a lot, of course – but babywearing allowed me not to be a prisoner of duties: I could carry my children, be with them – and realize myself, have time for passion. It gave me also the strength that I can cope with many things, being close to those whom I loved the most… calm my daughter’s anxieties and my need for adventures.

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Sizing Guide

Baby Wrap Sizing

You can find an in-depth size guide here.
Lengths and widths intended for reference only. Sizing may vary slightly

Length (approx)
Width (approx)
3 320cm 60-70cm
4 370cm 60-70cm
5 420cm 60-70cm
6 470cm 60-70cm
7 520cm 60-70cm