How to use your baby wrap

We want you and your little one to be safe. You'll get the hang of it in no time.
Please read through the positioning page, too!

1. Hold the wrap out in front of you with the middle marker in view - Place the middle marker against your chest.

2. Place the wrap under one arm, round your back and bring one tail over opposite shoulder, keeping the middle marker in line with your chest.

3. Send the under arm strap around the centre of your body to your back, and bring it up over the other.

4. You should now have a panel of wrap on your front, crossing on your back and straps over your shoulders leaving two long tails at your front on each side.

5. Pick up baby and place on one shoulder support back and bottom.

6. Reach up between pouch and you and guide baby down by reaching for the nearest leg, then one furthest away and lowering baby into panel/pouch.

7. Making sure panel stretches knee to knee and bottom to top of baby (letting any slack drop to neck height so not to cover babies head).

8. Supporting baby under bum and on back, take the bottom rail on the panel and stretch the excess over baby so that the material covering baby’s back is smooth.

9. Making sure baby is in correct and comfortable position, tuck the excess of panel that baby is in, under baby’s bottom and between you both, creating a seat
for baby.

10. Supporting baby under bottom, tighten each strap individually. To do this take the top rail of one shoulder strap and working piece by piece – gather, pull and tighten in an up and away motion.

11. Repeat step 09 with the opposite strap.

12. Gently guide baby’s feet slightly upwards to create a tilted pelvis and optimum position. Keeping the tension you have created tight, bring both straps down to meet, under babies bottom.

13. Bring the straps under baby’s bottom, still holding tension, cross over the straps where they meet, under babies bottom, making sure all the bunched fabric sits in baby’s knee pits.

14. With the fabric of the straps in the knee-pits, guide the straps under babies feet (ensuring they are between you and baby) and send them to your back.

15. With a shorter wrap or larger baby, tie a secure double knot in the middle of your lower back. With a longer wrap, you can cross over at this point again, and tie at the front under babies bottom.

16. With wrapping complete, your baby should be upright, secure and comfortable along with you.

17. For comfort, spread the shoulder straps: Taking the outside rail of your shoulder strap, spread the fabric over your shoulder and fold onto itself. Taking the same rail, spread over the back of baby from knee to knee and top to bottom to create extra support and comfort.

18. To remove baby, simply undo the secure knot, keeping the tension on the straps unwrap them from your body until they are either side of baby and hold them in one hand in front of baby. Supporting baby with your free hand holding the straps, pull on the top rail by babies shoulders to loosen pouch and lift out baby using both hands.

Sizing Guide

Baby Wrap Sizing

You can find an in-depth size guide here.
Lengths and widths intended for reference only. Sizing may vary slightly

Length (approx)
Width (approx)
3 320cm 60-70cm
4 370cm 60-70cm
5 420cm 60-70cm
6 470cm 60-70cm
7 520cm 60-70cm