Ring Sling Safety

The perfect position - in line with ASTM safety guidelines.
Please also read the how to use your ring sling page.

- CORRECT - Baby held in a natural and safe position.

- CORRECT - Upright, face visible, nose and mouth free.

- CORRECT - Chin up, face visible, nose and mouth free.

- INCORRECT - Baby’s face covered and pressed tight against wearer.

- INCORRECT - Baby is hunched with chin touching chest; face covered.

Sizing Guide

Baby Wrap Sizing

You can find an in-depth size guide here.
Lengths and widths intended for reference only. Sizing may vary slightly

Length (approx)
Width (approx)
3 320cm 60-70cm
4 370cm 60-70cm
5 420cm 60-70cm
6 470cm 60-70cm
7 520cm 60-70cm