Buzz Aureate Wrap (Size 7) for Marija


Made from a blend of cotton (42%), merino wool (33%), linen (10%) and silk (15%). Dispatch will be mid August

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Dispatch will be mid-August

Black on black and adorned with golden bumble bees, Buzz Aureate is truly timeless – these colours will never go out of style and will look good with any outfit, all year round. Aureate carries the definitions ‘covered with gold’ and ‘of golden colour or brilliance’ and boy, does this beauty live up to its name. The bees truly stand out on this Buzz, and the gold silk to the back of the fabric with its black honeycombs adds elegance to your knots and tails, making the ‘wrong’ side of this wrap look equally as right.

Made from a blend of cotton (42%), merino wool (33%), linen (10%) and silk (15%) with a weight of 220gsm, this luxury limited edition bespoke baby wrap is thinner in hand than our non-wool version, with fantastic softness and drape. Gentle on the skin and equally as strong and supportive, Aureate ensures a comfortable and secure wrap for your baby in any type of carry – with similar wrapping qualities to Buzz Elixir and Buzz Compton Acres.

  • Made with the finest natural fibres and natural dyes – good for your baby and for our planet
  • Will be hand sewn and made by working mums in the UK
  • Will be fully tested and made to the highest standard
  • Quick and versatile – so many types of carry to try, and the sling can be used as a sunshade and breast feeding cover too. Happy days!
  • Allows you to comfort and strengthen your bond with your baby whilst still being physically able to do the things you need and want to do
  • Keep them close and feel beautiful
  • Folds down easily to pop in your changing bag or rucksack
  • Use in or out of the house – the possibilities are endless
  • Suitable for babywearing your little one from 8lbs to 35lbs
  • Anyone can use a wrap of any size (different lengths = different types of carry) – most people find a size 6 to be the perfect starting point. You can find more information about sizing here.