Made from natural yarns and woven into the softest fabrics, the ring sling is a great tool for quick ups and downs with baby in your busy day-to-day life. Each day we wake up wanting to wear them. Maybe it’s the way they feel on the skin. Or how they comfort our little humans. Maybe it’s how quick, easy and fuss free they are to use. We want you to experience what we’ve made with you in mind.

  • One shoulder carrier.
  • Swap sides for continued comfort.
  • Soft on the skin and strong to provide support.
  • Versatile and easy.
  • Quick to use. Baby’s in within a few minutes.
  • Hand sewn and made by working mums in the UK.
  • Adjustable. Fits most.
  • Natural fibres.
  • Woven in the UK to technically provide the right support for your baby.
  • Fully tested.
  • Folds down to pop in your changing bag or rucksack.
  • Keep them close and feel beautiful.
  • Use in or out the house, the possibilities are endless.

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Buxus Ring Sling


Made from a blend of cotton (50%), wool (45%) and lame (5%)

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