- We want your little one to be safe - please read and follow all instructions before use.

Each time you use your sling

  • Check for ripped seams and torn fabric before each use, if any damage is found you must stop using the carrier.
  • Always check that all knots and adjustments are secure.
  • Ensure that the baby is safely positioned in line with these specific manufacturing instructions for use.
  • Never leave a baby in a sling carrier that is not being worn.
  • Check on the baby often. Ensure that the baby is periodically repositioned.
  • Never use a sling carrier when balance or mobility is impaired because of exercise,drowsiness or medical conditions.
  • Never place more than one baby in the sling carrier.
  • Never wear more than one carrier at any given time.
  • Never use sling carrier whilst engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning which involve a heat source or exposure to chemicals.
  • Never wear the sling carrier whilst driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.

Safety warnings

  • Babies younger than 4 months can suffocate in this product if face is pressed tightly against your body. Babies at greatest risk of suffocation include those born prematurely and those with respiratory problems.
  • Constantly monitor to make sure baby’s face is uncovered, clearly visible, and away from caregivers face at all times.
  • Make sure baby does not curl into a position with the chin resting on or near baby’s chest. This position can interfere with breathing, even when nothing is covering the nose or mouth.
  • If you nurse your baby in a carrier, always reposition after feeding so baby’s face is not pushed against your body.
  • Never use this carrier with babies smaller than 8 pounds without seeking the advice of a health professional.
  • FALL HAZARD – leaning, bending over, or tripping can cause baby to fall. Keep one hand on baby while moving.
  • The sling is not suitable for use during sporting activities e.g: running, cycling, swimming and skiing.
  • Make sure your ring sling supports your baby’s head and back. If he cannot hold his head up on his own, make sure the sling prevents his head falling backwards.
  • The carer should be aware of the increased risk of your child falling out of the sling as it becomes more active.
  • Ensure child is securely positioned by following all the instructions in this brochure.
  • Never leave a baby in a sling carrier that is not being worn.
Sizing Guide

Baby Wrap Sizing

You can find an in-depth size guide here.
Lengths and widths intended for reference only. Sizing may vary slightly

Length (approx)
Width (approx)
3 320cm 60-70cm
4 370cm 60-70cm
5 420cm 60-70cm
6 470cm 60-70cm
7 520cm 60-70cm