Working towards a sustainable brand and life

As a family focused brand, it’s important to us that we do our part to protect our children’s future.
This planet is theirs to inherit, and we have a responsibility to do what we can
to contribute to a better world for them and their children.

All of our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. We are a plastic free brand, and we try to be
as zero waste as practically possible - leftovers from sling designs transform into scarves, masks, and cushions covers.
We also occasionally sell scrap bundles to our community, who then use the material for DIY projects
personal to them (keep an eye on our Facebook page!)

Our slings are made from 100% natural materials, and we know where everything is coming from and how it's produced.
We try to use low impact fibres like linen, which derives from flax and requires little
or no pesticides and relatively little water to grow, as well as renewable materials like wool -
sourced from manufacturers who make sure industry and ethical standards are met; for animals and people alike.

We also strive to make the best quality baby wraps we can, not the most that we can,
so all our designs are produced in limited numbers. We feel it’s important businesses move away
from contributing to a throwaway culture. Our slings are designed to have a long life cycle,
intended to lovingly be passed through the generations.

We can always do better

We’re still learning. Becoming a sustainable brand is a journey in which we’re finding out new information
as we go along, but we are committed to making a difference for our children and our planet,
so our aim is to find solutions when we realise we can do better and to ultimately
only manufacture sustainable fabrics and source yarns with an ecological advantage
whilst continuing to provide you with a beautiful end product.

We care about making the best choices for our planet. We understand that where we are now
will not be where we are in the future. We can always do better.

This is not a marketing trend. For us, this is a way of life.
So, anything you think isn’t quite in line with our values - tell us.

Sizing Guide

Baby Wrap Sizing

You can find an in-depth size guide here.
Lengths and widths intended for reference only. Sizing may vary slightly

Length (approx)
Width (approx)
3 320cm 60-70cm
4 370cm 60-70cm
5 420cm 60-70cm
6 470cm 60-70cm
7 520cm 60-70cm